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Android Hentai Games

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Android Hentai Games

There are many free Hentai games you can play on your Android device. If you are looking for fantasy or jump into your preferred anime role, consider the following.

Craving Quest

Craving Quest is a game story containing seven chapters. These chapters cover lands of different elements. It’s easier to finish the chapter and after each, there is a reward.

The gameplay is straightforward with different backgrounds each with unrelated enemies. Each enemy has unlike skills with devastating effects.

This game features animated H-scenes designed for the storyline. It has the best plots and CGs. Girls in Craving Quest are curious about sex and romance. The story texts will give you a hardon but there are no rape scenes.

Each character has different sex scene. The game has an estimated playtime of 200 hours with 5 separate playing modes. You can play it for months. The developer keeps introducing new developments and characters which makes this game exciting.

Gay Harem

You are the main character in Gay Harem and you need to search for guys to join your team. This game is a blend of Visual Novel and RPG and it is a 2D-based anime-styled game. For you to complete a mission, you will meet different characters and do different sexual acts.

Gay Harem is full of hentai scenes. These scenes are detailed from the facial expressions. The sex scenes are too detailed.

The objective of the game is you have to build a strong harem that will fight along with you. But for you to achieve, this, you need to go for an adventure, convince guys to join you, and complete quests.

The game features 200 different guys with preferred sexual positions and different stats. It also has in-game purchases. It has 2 areas that cumulate into eight worlds with contrasting quests.

Gay Harem also features 3-sex styles in Harem performance (Hardcore, Charm, Know-how). Take note of these styles in the turn-based RPG section.

The game has a good storyline hilarious scene, and dialogues. The funny jokes will keep you playing for hours and hours.

Horny Arcana

Horny Arcana is an adventure game where you as the main character have to bring together many characters. The minds of these characters are corrupt and you need to purify them. This is how you will make your team stronger.

The objective of the game is to complete all game levels and finish the game. You also have to reveal more DirtyGirls and characters on the Hentai side. Also, you need to open more videos and images that will satisfy you sexually.

The game has two battle modes in the adventure; Normal and Hard. To unlock hard mode, you need to finish several Adventures. Still, there are 2-speed up functions to choose from during battles; auto and semi.

Horny Arcana is an adult game with a mixture of MMORPG. Erotic hentai scenes, thrilling story, and easy gameplay is something you will not want to miss.

Slutty Journey

In this game, you play a role of a human who is lost and you reach the lost border. There, you find maidens who are arrested and are being taken to exile.

The objective of the game is you have to summon and upgrade maidens. These maidens are the ones who will help you to win the battle and proceed to the next level and finish the game. You also have to unlock the Goddesses and Evil Maiden on the Hentai side.

There are 5 chapters in the game. There are two-stage sections; Normal and Hard mode. The Normal mode has 10 levels per chapter while Hard has 4 levels.

Slutty Journey is a game to look for because it has a mixture of Hentai scenes. It also has arousing images and videos.


There are more games you can sharpen your skills and enjoy erotic scenes. Some include; Devil Girl, Cunt Hunter, Need for Sin, Broke Girl, Monster Cunt, and many others. Power up your character as you explore different sections of these games.

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